Drs Hudgens, Swillie, Russell and Strong

We have been in practice since 1987, and we have one common goal - to provide the best care to as many people we can. Every effort, every task, every expenditure and every person must be maximized to best meet that goal. Quality patient service comes first.

Drs Hudgens, Swillie, Russell and Strong is a professional corporation founded for several reasons:
  • 1. To provide the highest quality of medicine possible to this city and surrounding communities.
  • 2. To provide care for fees that are fair to the patient.
  • 3. To provide each physician the support necessary to maintain an educational level which is required to provide state-of-the-art quality care.
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    Insurance Plans

    We currently accept Medicare, Medicaid, Workmans Comp, and Others. We also accept the following Medical Insurance Plans

  • Blue Cross/ Blue Shield
  • United Healthcare
  • Healthspring
  • Health Choice
  • Blue Advantage
  • Various Others

  • If your insurance plan is not listed, please call our office and we will be glad to check for you.


    Office Hours

    Our office is open
    Monday through Friday
    7AM until 5PM Central Standard Time

    If you would like to get directions to our office, please click here to go to our Contact Us page.


    Schedule an appointment

    We would be glad to schedule an appointment for you. You may contact us at 205-595-3600, email us at office@hsrsneuro.com, or complete our form on the Contact Us page and we will call you back to schedule your appointment.


    Your time is valuable!

    We know you are busy, so we try to make every attempt to make your visit as quick and effortless as possible. We have included a patient forms section that includes paperwork that will make your wait times shorter. We also ask for you to have your payment ready to speed up your visit time.